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Is This About Me?

From what I understand, this is the part where I'm either going to make you love me or hate me. And, well, to tell the truth, I don't particularly like being hated, so I guess I'm going to have to do my best to make you like me.

The only problem is that, well, I don't really like trying to give people a "good impression" just so they like me, because, frankly, the truth (in other words, the real me) will come out sooner or later. And I hate to disappoint people.

You see, I'm what's known as a "special case" (translation: the doctors don't know what's wrong with me). In other words, I'm very unique. I mean, I understand that everyone is unique, but I'm rather especially unique. That is, I defy stereotype. You can't really put me in a box or put a label on me, unless the label says "weird" or something.

Now, I don't want to throw you off in the other direction (like off a cliff or something--that would be quite sad), thinking I'm a weird psycho or something. I can and often do appear to be quite normal. However, I have a sense of humor that's...well, it's rather unusual, to say the least, and is best described as "Zack's humor." That is to say, the idea is to humor Zack by not getting offended.

But my sense of humor isn't the only thing. I do occasionally have a few serious moments, and I devote these to pondering deep subjects, such as the sea (a very deep subject, I understand, and wonderful for endowing one's thought-life with some salty wisdom).

And when my mind is not occupied with the sea, now and then it turns towards the complex and highly entangled topic of relationships. I have been referred to as the guy who's "obsessed with relationships", and a true observation it is, too, for I am most engrossed with the topic. One might say that relationships is "my thing," and be speaking nothing but the truth.

Oh, and to add to this mess, I fancy myself as a dude with a pen. That is to say, I put my hand to paper know, one of those writer people. That's what I am. Or at least, I like to think of myself as such. Whether I am remains to be seen and argued over by posterity.

And speaking of posterity...I'm never going to do anything for posterity's sake ever again. I'm just going to do it for God.

And speaking of God, that leads me to the most important part. Yeah, I'm one of those God people. Crazy? Perhaps. Insane? Probably.

But if you ever speak to me, you will learn, sooner or later, that I am not quite one of the most ordinary Christians. I suppose I could refer to myself as an unothodox Christian, for I do not fit any of the typical molds. And just like everyone else who thinks they are right, I'm convinced that I do have this God-thing right, thereby sentencing those who disagree with me to be in the wrong.

Okay, okay, I'm just kidding for the most part. I do realize that I could so very well be wrong in so many things, and in fact, I am convinced that my beliefs are screwed up (the only thing lacking at present is an awareness of where exactly they are screwed up). However, I am deeply passionate about what I believe. God does not only exist, He is REAL. And not only is He real, but He is real to ME. God is not just my Father, but my Daddy. And I am His son. And I am working on making that relationship central and most important in my life.

My goal in life is to help other people to do the same.

God bless you!

--Zack Reynolds

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