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Problems With Free Will

The main contentions people have with free will seem to be that they think God wouldn't be in control, that God shouldn't create beings that could rebel against Him (in other words, He wouldn't create the possibility of evil), and, besides, what's the point of free will anyway?

From what I've seen, many people reject free will because they make false assumptions about what free will entails.

They say God couldn't be in control of free-thinking humans. I say my God is bigger than their god, and He can STILL work His will through free-thinking humans. We are created for God's glory...and there's much more glory in free-thinking humans turning to God than simple automons who have no choice in the matter, and whatever ones who do come to God didn't have a choice in the matter.

If you want a simple do you feel when somebody chooses you out from the crowd for something special? When somebody picks you first for their team, when somebody points at you and say, "She's my best friend," or when somebody says, "I love you."

Would God create beings with a capability of doing evil?

Let me put forth a simple illustration that isn't perfect, but will perhaps make the point.

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds these days. And yet, with all this advancing technology, we still have bum equipment, computers with glitches, and cell phones that cut us off.

Should we go back to pencil and paper because "they're safe and donít cause problems"? Or maybe we should forget pencils and paper and do everything in our heads?

We're willing to risk bugs and broken equipment and phone calls that get cut off because the benefits are greater. When your cell phone works, it's great! You are freed from phone lines. The rewards are great.

And of course, that's why men think they're so smart.

And let me put forth another illustration perhaps more to the point. Several of us here are married (not me personally, but you know what I mean).

Would you rather have children that always obeyed you implicitly, did everything you said, and never did anything wrong (except for the one bad child, who was incapable of doing anything right, and left home when he was born and never came back)?

Or would you rather have free-thinking children, who, when they just run up to you and give you a hug, you know it's from the heart? Who, when they confess something wrong with tears running down their little pudgy cheeks, you can't help but cry, too? When they obey you joyfully, you know it's something they want to do?

While you might never cry with the auto children, you won't have anything to be happy about, either. Free-thinking children involves pain and hurt, yes, but the joy rises far above the pain and hurt.

God knew exactly what he was creating. God knew man had the capability of turning away from Him. God knew that there were going to be those who would break His heart.

But God was willing to take the pain and the hurt for the ultimate glory of those children who come running to Him, crying, "Abba! Daddy!"

And as God picks his children up and hugs them, He knows, as He has always known, that it was worth the pain.

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