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Romancin' Lessons From Jacob

Biblical Romance... learning from Jacob's example...

1) if you're not willing to work seven years for your bride, you're not committed enough...

2) offering to work for the girl's dad is generally NOT a good idea, especially if she has an older unmarried sister, even if she IS pretty (the older sister, that is) [Gen. 29:18].

3) the girl's dad is the dude you gotta keep the eagle eye on, to make sure he doesn't pull any fast ones at the wedding [Gen. 29:23] (hint: insist that the bride doesn't wear a veil).

4) if you marry the wrong girl, the solution isn't divorce, it's polygamy [Gen 29:27-28].

5) if you dream about ladders that stretch up to the heavens [Gen 28:12], be careful, because you're probably about to meet your better half--and as we all know, that's a life-altering experience to be be avoided at all costs.

6) if you travel a long ways to meet one of your cousins and kiss her in greeting, plan on marrying her [Gen. 29:11].

7) evidently, men aren't taken in by "tender" eyes [Gen 29:17]...sorry, girls, I guess batting your eyes really just doesn't work.

8) the first man to discover time travel as we know it was Jacob. Seven years buzzed by in mere days [Gen. 29:20].

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