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English Country Dancing

my call book: Zack's English Country Dance Book

Elements of English Country Dancing

What Is English Country Dancing?

leading and calling
Colin Hume

The Round

Essays on Dancing

Letters of Dance - Articles

Sidmouth Caller's Workshop Notes

Teaching Techniques for Dancemasters

Round Notes on Calling

The Perfect Caller

Thomas Green - Caller's Check-List

Country Dance and Song Society

Folk Arts Center of New England

Sivier's Tips On Dancing With Beginners

Sivier's Resources for Calling

dance calls
Cambridge Dance Index

Roger's English Country Dance List

Michael's Contradance List

Thomas Green - Barn Dances

Will Linden's Dance Sheets

Playford's English Dancing Master

Palmer's Pocket Playford

Ceilidh Dance instructions

Earthly Delight's Dance Index

figure instruction
Roger's Dance Steps and Figures

Earthly Delight's Dance Steps

Earthly Delight's Dance Figures

sheet music
Round Band Book

Mendocino English Country Dance TuneBook

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