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Changing Perspective
Clouds lack their silver lining
The sky looms gray
Trees slouch,
Their leaves dangle.
Grass staggers drunkenly.
While a mouse stops to shiver
A butterfly quivers in the air.

All around me, the silence
Of waning day
Of waning life
Of a man, waiting to die.

Near me, a forgotten bookshelf
Where dusty and musty books
Stifle in silent resignation.
They embrace the tales
Of murder, robbery,
Hanging, and death.
They tell of deceit,
Unmask injustice.
Wars, plagues, invasions,
All embodied within
Pungent, stained pages.

I pick up one of the books,
Wipe off the thick choking dust,
turn over stiff yellowed pages.
I read a few words,
A paragraph.
I see tears
From the authorís eye.

I shiver as I read of dire doings,
but I see light in the words.
I see in the authorís eye
I do not have;
I do not share;
I do not want.

That light shines into
Darkness within me.
When I see myself
As I really am,
I am terrified.
I read a few more words.
And the frightening light
Becomes intensely bright.
I feel a longing
To embrace the light,
And cast away the darkness
I know too well.

I read more from the book.
I drink contentment
I drink hope
I drink Life.
Turning to the source of light,
I find God.
He puts his arms around me
And the darkness flees.
I am filled with light.
I look out the window again
And the world looks different.
The sky is gray,
Full of life-giving water.
Clouds have no silver liningó
It is gold.
Trees droop
While they wait for water
Their leaves bow their heads
To receive blessing.
The mouse shivers,
And trots to his cozy burrow.
The butterfly lights on a flower,
And drinks the sweet nectar.
The bookshelf, filled with books,
Authors who learned
Light comes from God.

© 2007-2017 Zack Reynolds. All rights reserved.